How to combat snacking

How to combat snacking



    • How many times have you caught yourself walking to the fridge or the pantry opening it and standing there picking at food? Mindless eating or “picking” is a common habit I see among a lot of clientele. Generally, its caused through a couple of key things – not consuming enough calories, boredom and also habit.

    Like anything, any habit can be broken or relearned. So here’s my top tips to assist with snacking

    1. Opt for singular serve items. Rather than opening a giant bag of popcorn and eating handfuls and not knowing how much you’re really consuming purchase the snack packs, pre portioned snacks are great for helping learn self-control , there’s something about opening another packet that triggers you to stop and think “ do I really need it” VS if your just going back for handfuls of a giant bag that’s open.
    2. If you’re a grazer type eater , opt for more low calorie foods/ snacks throughout the day, EG if you just like to snack eating things like yo pro yogurts, berries, carman’s oat bars are good  low calorie snacks that won’t take out of your calorie budget too much but will also allow you to eat more throughout the day.
    3. Increase your intake – if you’ve been trying to diet and find yourself continually picking or unsatisfied, it might be an idea to close the gap and give yourself an intake that you can manage and stick to more consistently , particularly if you find your snacking is more prevalent when your calories are lower.
    4. Check your fibre, hydration and sleep - Inadequacies in these areas can be huge triggers for hunger and mindless eating. As a rule, aim for 15g of fibre per 1000 calories 30 -35ml of water per KG and at least 6 hours of sleep every night. 

    Happy Snacking!

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