At Elite Performance, we train for performance, health and results.

We apply scientific training and nutrition protocols, that fit in with your lifestyle, so not only do you get results, but so you can sustain them. We will educate you, guide and support you to achieve your goals, and push you far beyond what you thought capable. We want you to get Maximal Results by applying the minimal dose, plenty of places offer quick fixes but we’re only interested in long term solutions.

We approach change through sustainable and enjoyable practices.

Healthy living

Nutrition Plans

One on One Coaching

One on One coaching is the premium way to get results! Your training and nutrition programs are synergised to get you to your desired result. Weekly Check in’s and updates are made each week to optimise your progress. Custom macro meal plans inclusive of your food preferences will be updated every week. I make sure my training programs are built according to your lifestyle. 

Sessions are held at Spartans Gym Kilsyth.

Semi Private Strength and Conditioning

Train more, for less!

Experience personal training at a fraction of the price you'd pay for one-on-one sessions. We want to teach as many people as possible what properly coached and physically demanding workouts are all about. Semi private sessions are tightly run training sessions from 2-6 people where you are taken through a structured workouts. We want to provide results driven by hardworking.

These sessions will be held at set times every week.

Online Training

If you live interstate or in a remote location and want to train with us, then don't fret!

We have online services available including the creation of custom nutrition and training plans based on your individual requirements, goals and abilities. 

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